Cellular Signal Booster Systems

An in-building system aggregates local cell phone signals and boosts them via roof mounted directional antenna(s) to the best cell tower(s) available.

Experienced installation and proper equipment show immediate performance increase. Reference here to put your phone in test mode and test signal strength to towers.  You want to be closest to -50. If not, call us.

An added benefit; once the amplifiers are installed, the phones are no longer depleting the battery constantly attempting to establish stable connection to the network.

For immediate contact, call Rick McKeen at RAM Wireless or Sherry Unruh at Wilson Electronics 435-986-6212. 


Latest News (April 26th, 2010)

It has come to our attention that AT&T , Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint customers in the 98005 zip code could use a booster system. 

We've tested/polled fifty people in the last month and a large majority get a signal of  P: -90 or lower. Walking the area shows similar results. 

A boosted environment using Wilson Electronics gear will be up and running in Bridle Trails by mid May.  Complete this quick survey to stay informed when on-site demos are available.